Welcome Seniors to Grad Challenge 2016!

Graduation Challenge is an opportunity for all seniors to design a personally meaningful learning experience beyond CVU, one which includes making connections with the community beyond the school walls. The guiding principle of Grad Challenge is that all CVU candidates for graduation must demonstrate their abilities to research a subject of their own choosing.


The Community Learning Experience
Grad Challenge is about doing something. Students start with a question and work between 20 and 45 hours in the community to gain new knowledge. ...more...

The Community Consultant
Each student asks an adult who is an "expert" with experience in the topic area to guide the student in learning what the student has chosen to explore. Community Consultants cannot be a relative or CVU faculty/staff member, must be beyond college age, and have five years experience in the subject. ...more


We learn in three ways: from experience, from experts, and from published information. more on research and more on interviews...

The Paper

Students write a research paper and reflection paper that shares knowledge from their community learning experience, three interviews, and three published resources. ....more

The Presentation

Over three hundred seniors make presentations on a celebratory Graduation Challenge Presentation Day in May to share their experience and learning. ...more

Quick Guide to Creating Your Grad Challenge Project
This guide gives a very general overview of how to create a meaningful Grad Challenge learning experience. It does not provide all the information needed, but gives a student a good start.

To access forms, go to Student page and Forms.





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