Champlain Valley Union HS
Gymnastics 2017-18
Athlete Gr
Alix St. Hilaire 10
Austin Slocum 10
Bella Durochia 10
Bianca Lococo-Snyder 10
Delaney Miller-Bottoms 9
Jam Giubardo* 12
Kam Giubardo* 12
Laurynn Bombardier 10
Lexie Cody 10
Macy Lagrow 9
Maddy Serafini 11
Maggie Gannon 10
Samantha Haviland 10
Tali Giubardo 10
*denotes captain
Coach:  Madison Bourdeau
Asst:  Ashley Bachand
Good Sportsmanship is viewed by Chittenden County Area High School Principals as a
commitment to fair play, ethical behavior and integrity.  The ideals of sportsmanship apply equally
to all activity disciplines.  All individuals regardless of their role in activities, are expected to be
aware of their influence on the behavior of others and model good sportsmanship.  Any individual
unable to model sportsmanship will be requested to leave our facilities.  Chittenden County Principals