CVU Alpine Ski Team Roster - 2017-18
Name   Grade  Name Grade Name Grade
Ashooh Lena   Goldman Claire   Olson Marley  
Barbour Turner   Goldman Isaac   Paquette Nathalie  
Bartlett Brayden   Gorman Max   Pasley Max  
Boffa Seth   Hagios Olivia   Patton Binney  
Brangan Nate   Koutras Grace   Provost Becca  
Francis Briggs   Lisle Ethan   Provost Alyssa  
Coffin Nate   Love Fiona   Ramirez-Richer Ellie  
Cross Sophia   Marvin Emily   Ramirez-Richer Emma  
Curtis Isabelle   McMahan Emma   Roberts Jonah  
Eagan Margaret   Merrill Jack   Schwendler Matthieu  
Flynn Broderick   Meyer Ulrick   Smith Claire  
Frost Cassidy   Mittelstadt Isabelle   Whalen Cooper  
Gilliam Sean   Nye Caleb   Zubarik Olivia  
Coach:  Mike Minnerly
Assistants:  Danielle Hampton and Lee Morse  
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